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Name:Rhona Suong Thieu
Birthdate:Dec 29
Location:Manhatten, New York, United States of America
AU of Rhona from Iron Man: Armored Adventures. I claim responsibility for this terribly written character, her babybat Goth outfits and the awful subpar artwork.


Rhona Thieu was a young genius, the daughter of a Vietnamese neuroscientist father and a Jewish-American professor of robotics. She and her brother had a happy childhood, but then the 'accident' happened. A car crash that Rhona traced back to an anti-Semite group killed both her parents and her brother, likely linked to her mother's refusal to do under the table work for a group that wouldn't even name itself. While Rhona could trace back the car being damaged to the group that did it, who had hired them was a mystery and ultimately, remains inconsequential. Her proof was considered too biased to be admissible in a court of law. The murderers were going to walk free.

She couldn't do it, couldn't let them waltz through life having committed murder. So she began to work on her first android, one who could pass for an adult and thus get her out of the foster system with falsified background papers. It wasn't an easy task, though grief develops the power of the mind, or so they say, and Rhona was nothing if not grieving. Once out of the foster system, Rhona began working on how to take down the gangs of New York, trying to find a way not just to survive and move on but to put a stop to the people who did this to her family. She went to school, to the Tomorrow Academy, to improve her scientific skills. There, she was the weird Goth girl, the token Asian, the token Jew, and she was always, despite her best efforts, alone. So alone, so lost, so broken, and then there was Tony Stark, who she was able to deduce was Iron Man, and anger flared up in her, hot enough it burned, because she wanted to know why.

Why do superheroes only stop villains? Why do they not fight hate groups, gangs, criminals - the people who took everything she had and destroyed all of it in one car crash? Rhona was so angry she could barely get the words out when she confronted Tony and listed crimes he didn't stop, people he didn't save, lives that were lost while he engaged in his stupid feud with Stane. She doesn't want to do better than him in school, doesn't even now. She wants 'the smartest student at the Academy' to give her a good reason why he hasn't fought the crime rings, the racists, the anti-Semites, the anti-mutant groups who rip apart the lives of honest, hard working people every damn day.
She wants to know why the lives of people like her don't matter. If he's so smart, he should have an answer, right?

He didn't when she confronted him and doesn't now. The only thing he could do was talk her out of killing the people who killed her family, because the lead they got from them alive put more criminals in jail. Rhona is smart enough, resourceful enough, to become a supervillain of the kind of caliber that Tony would struggle to fight. What's worse, if she did, it would be entirely his fault. So instead, he did his best to befriend her. Rhona is a sort of add-on to Team Iron Man. Brilliant tech, creative implementation, fast improvisation skills, the ability to insert the androids into anywhere they're needed - but she is not stable enough to be a hero like them full time, out in the open, with a code name and an outfit. Too much damage has been done for that.

Still, considering that in most universes she's the Mad Thinker, a villain without a cause or a clue, this isn't so bad. Sure, it's a life with no family, about two friends, lived under a false name half the time; it's still the best life she can manage. For right now, the best place for Rhona is either on her phone giving Tony tactical advice or in her house where even the smallest rooms echo, working on an android duplicate of her brother, who she was arguing with at the time of the car crash. She tells him she's sorry almost every day. She hopes he hears her.
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